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Fixed: How To Fix Wmi-snmp Provider.

You may find an error code indicating which wmi SNMP provider. By the way, there are several ways to solve this problem. We will return to this shortly.

The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) provider allows software applications to access SNMP information for Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). The SNMP provider is not installed by default. For more information about installing the provider, see Configuring the WMI-SNMP Environment.

Installing An SNMP Provider

SNMP support is not enabled by default. You can usually enable the snmp service and therefore the WMI-SNMP provider through the control panel. Please note that this SNMP service must be Enabled and still running for the WMI SNMP provider to work.

What does the WMI service do?

The purpose of WMI is to help administrators become familiar with various Windows operating environments, including remote systems. One of the main benefits of WMI is that it reduces the cost of maintaining and managing the components of a corporate IT network.

Checking The SNMP Installation

The SMTP provider can work with the pure SNMP agent when the Agent is now working properly. To ensure that available SNMP data is typically provided through WBEM and WMI, review NMS facts and practices using the SNMP demos. For more information, see Using the SNMP Demo Programs.

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what is wmi snmp provider

Edit Registry Key

You can also log in to the device you want to monitor and change the Windows registry key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftware” . MicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersion”. You can set the CurrentVersion value between “2016” and “10.0”. To do this:

What Can I Do To Fix This?

You can send an email to the owner of the website so they can verify that you’ve been blocked.Enter the parameters of what you were doing when you were viewing this page and the Cloudflare Ray-ID found on this page below.

SNMP on other operating systems

Net-SNMP archives typical default settings The SNMP implementation applies to both clients and servers for alternative types of operationsLinux systems (including NEN, BSD-like systems, macOS, and others). By default, Net-SNMP enables restricted read-only access to provide them with certain general system information.


Companies using SNMP are not listed in Windows where these features are listed. The panel is connected to Windows 10. Install SNMP plans directly from Microsoft using the server by following these three steps:

â Configure The SNMP Service And Read-only Or Read-Write-Community String

Setting up the Windows 2016 Server SNMP service is a simple task. As a specific administrator, run services.msc and, on the other hand, open the services console in the administration tools. Double-click the SNMP service, and then click the Security tab:

what is wmi snmp provider

Tutorial Installing And Configuring The SNMP Service On Windows 10

SNMP can receive different data from different devices, such as buttons, servers, routers, or computers where the SNMP agent will be installed, such as whether the system was normally powered on, additional performance indicators and device settings, etc. is not installed by default.

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InclRead SNMP Service On Windows 10/11

You can use SNMP service not only on Windows Server, but also on Windows 10 and 11 -Desktops. On Windows 10/11, the SNMP service is part of the on-demand features (like RSAT or OpenSSH).

What are WMI providers?

The following table lists the providers of WMI systems for earnings. Other providers and their classes may be present on a computer with Microsoft products or third party software installed. For more information about writing your own awesome custom provider, see Using WMI.

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