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Help Me Fix Sandisk Ultra A1 Write Speed Error

If your computer is set to sandisk Ultra A1 write speed, we hope this guide will help you solve the problem.

Sandisk UHS-I Plus V10 A1 128GB MicroSDXC Ultra Memory Review

Is SanDisk Ultra A1 good?

SanDisk Ultra A1 128 GBc operates according to the user-specific application performance class standard. Use Great as internal storage for Android suitable storage. The 128 GB SanDisk Ultra A1 is an economical microSD card. Loaded very fast reading with A1.card holder


SanDisk Ultra MicroSD Plus is an upgraded SanDisk One Ultra plan for the top-selling memory cards. Ultra One cards offer good value for money, good baseline reading speed, and moderate blogging speed. While they’re never the fastestour on-screen cards are consistently competitive in performance and generally competitive in price. Ultra Plus offers 100MB/s read speeds and V10/U1 write performance, which promises at least 10MB/s write speeds all the time.Video recording mb / s. Note A1 on the label indicating that the card is compliant with line performance class 1 applications. This means that the adapter will 1 perform as min.0.500 random IOPS per month at second read operation time (IOPS).4and one hundred Random IOPS writes. Cell phones, event tables, and portable devices use extended MicroSD prompts, storage, and a De a1-compliant credit card will work great for storing small data file types and running programs.straight from the map. Ultra Plus microSD cards are commonly available in 32GB, 16GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, GB, and 400GB capacities. Memory card adapterand the attached microSD SD are made in China at the same time. SanDisk provides a lifetime warranty on the Ultra Plus card


The 128GB SanDisk Ultra Plus Prepaid Card with Guaranteed microSDXC Memory has been tested in Memory Tarot Card Readers to evaluate its performance. Benchmarks In tests using USB 3.1 with 3.0 drives, the highest sustained read speed was /99.5 MBs, and that’s true.This corresponds to my maximum read speed of 100 MB/s, according to the Sandisk report. Moving on to write speed: sequential write is the highest pThe result was 62.9 MB/s. It’s higher than expectedprovided that only V10 and Off work on the card, u1 marks the minimum write speed of 10 MB / s. Stable operation of the card on all tested card readers.

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Card: Plus sandisk ultra V10 A1 128 GB
Test test: microSDXC four crystaldiskmark.0.3 x64
Program parameters: 1000 MB, 4 runs, test system: random data
Starting Ten windows Pro
Board: Motherboard Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H
Processor: Intel Core i7-3770K @ 32GB, 4.40GHz
RAM: 1600

sandisk ultra a1 write speed

The upcoming camera test will use a SanDisk Plus ultra microSDXC 128GB ddr3 tarot card. The serial continuous write speed during recording is shown in the following table.

Internal SanDisk Plus ultra A1 microSDXC v10 MicroSD 128GB Card Information

Serial number (PSN) 2592920923 Product name (PNM) SL128 Product overview 8.0 OEM ID mid 0x000003 Identifier (OID) DS Production (MDT) 09/2018 Total data capacity 127,865,454,592 bytes

The internal registry of the Ultra Plus card is shownIt says that this card was made in September 2018. Vendor ID 0x000003 and OEM ID “SD” correspond to memory cards manufactured by SanDisk.

Warranty Return

More About SDSQUAR-128G-GN6MA


Brand SanDisk line of sand discs Ultra Model SDSKVAR-128G-GN6MA Enter microSDXC


Capacity 128 GB Speed ​​Rating Class UHS-I / U1 / 10 and A1 Reading speed Up to 100 MB/s

functions functions compatible with your devices
SanDisk cards work just like Android smartphones and tablets.

Shoot more hours of Full HD video in the store

With a revolutionary capacity of up to 512GB, you can store even more hours of Full HD video on the card without worrying about running out of space for the videos, music, photos, movies and other files you want to capture. . Save and share.

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Transfer rate for d 100 MB/s

Incredible transfer speeds mean content moves quickly for your business, so users can transfer up to 1,000 photos per minute.

Load apps faster with A1 Card-rated performance

The Sandisk Ultra microSD, rated A1, is optimized for software delivery, faster app launches and performance, and a better smartphone experience.
sandisk ultra a1 write speed

Video recording in Full HD

Class 10 rated speed allows you to shoot Full HD YouTube videos and high-quality photos.

Easy file management with the SanDisk Memory Zone app

The SanDisk Memory Zone app is available on the Google Play store to view, access and backup your phone’s files in one place. It can also automatically move files from your company to your memory card to free up space.

Additional information First availability date 30, 2019 January

Warranty, Returns And Additional Information


  • Limited Warranty (details): Lifetime
  • Limited Warranty (Work): Lifetime
  • More…
  • Return Policy

  • Return within 30 days
  • Return required within: 30-day replacement.
  • This item is subject to the 3C Expert return policy.
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    MicroSD cards are widespread these days and are used in many devices, especially phones. But should you choose a different microSD card for your current phone than for a camera with a camera, for example. B. DVR, drone or action camera.

    This is because they are optimized for high resolution images, launcher images, and small file interaction apps that are commonly used on phones and tablets. Doesn’t this bother you? worry. Here we explain how to choose the best microSD card for your device, which means the importance of the card, and encourage the purchase of the best cards.

    if you’re in a hurry, these are probably our best riversRecommendations for using microSD.

    If person wants to understand the meaning of all of the person’s symbols, skip to our favorite explanation below.

    Thus, You Choose Almost Any MicroSD Card

    Capacity was the main choice. You should check why your device can accept a large card. Some DVRs only have capacity up to 32GB since that would be the base limit of SDHC, but most phones support 2 to 56GB with the normal SDXC feature, and some even support 2 to.

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    The SD Express standard was probably announced in June 2018 and is generally only applicable to full size SD cards. Required

    Do I Have A Card For A Specific Camera Or Short Phone?

    yes, final answer:. Detailed response. Some device maps do a good job of recording video in 4k GoPro format, but also provide usability on your phone.

    The latest were the “V” and “A” standards, and you’ll see a figure for what each meets the minimum performance standard.

    What is SanDisk Ultra A1?

    SanDisk has just released the 400GB microSDXC UHS-I ultra memory card with SD adapter, a new microSD card with a new Application Performance Class (A1)1 that can be used in virtually any device that supports microSDXC hardware, including photo- and video installations and more.

    Which is faster SanDisk Ultra or extreme?

    ultra plus HD and has a slower read/write speed than Extreme. Extreme plus has 4K/HD resolution and ultra high read/write speed, more expensive.

    How fast is the SanDisk Ultra Plus 128GB MicroSDXC memory card?

    The SanDisk Plus ultra 128A microSDXC card has been tested in memory card readers to calculate its performance. In benchmark tests with USB 3.1 and 3.0 drives, the highest sequential read speed was 99.5 MB/s, which is exactly the same as the maximum read speed of 100 MB/s quickly listed by Sandisk.

    Does the SanDisk Extreme microsdcs uhs-1 have write speed issues?

    Similar issues with Sandisk MicroSDCS Extreme 1TB (although not uhs-1 Nintendo for Switch). Used HWTest to measure a pair of Surface Pro cards in the device slot and the write speed of a Sandisk USB-A adapter which degraded over time to the point that “it will never run a full 1TB test”.

    Sandisk Ultra A1 Schreibgeschwindigkeit
    Vitesse D Ecriture Du Sandisk Ultra A1
    Velocidade De Gravacao Sandisk Ultra A1
    Sandisk Ultra A1 Schrijfsnelheid
    Sandisk Ultra A1 Skrivhastighet
    Sandisk Ultra A1 Velocidad De Escritura
    Sandisk Ultra A1 Velocita Di Scrittura
    Predkosc Zapisu Sandisk Ultra A1