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Problems With Adding YouTube To Windows 10 Desktop Should Be Fixed

You may encounter an error when adding YouTube to your Windows 10 desktop. There are different ways to fix this problem and we will talk about them in a bit.

Create A Shortcut To The YouTube Web App For IPhone

The official YouTube site that you usually go to on the web can be turned into a standalone application if you want. It does not exclusively have its own shortcut, it still runs in a separate window.

How To Create A YouTube Desktop Shortcut From Chrome

If you look, you will see that the YouTube icon will appear on the desktop. If we double click on it, we can access the internet where we were before.

how to add youtube to desktop windows 10

How To Create A YouTube Monitor Shortcut From Chrome

Next, we must open YouTube if we want to create a meaningful link to a specific channel, unblock that channel. Then click on the Chrome menu. The three horizontal dots are the facts in the upper right corner of the screen. Next, let’s move on to “Other Websites” and you’ll see a brand new menu open up. In this we will just have to navigate, you click “Create Shortcut”. Now the “Do you want to create an absolute shortcut?” window will open. “You must define a name that b select one that can have an icon on the laptop, and thenJust click “Create”.

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how to add youtube to desktop windows 10

Creating A YouTube Shortcut In Firefox Quantum

Firefox is one of those browsers that seems to be gaining fans for everything it has, and it’s much easier with Creating a Single Shortcut from Firefox . We just need to minimize the browser windshield and drag the URL icon to the desktop. After that, we will have the option to access YouTube from there.

How To Create A YouTube Screen Shortcut From Chrome

If someone looks closely, they will see the YouTube icon on my desktop. If we double click on most people, they will be able to access the Internet in the cases where we have already been.

What Exactly Happened To YouTube?

YouTube is a free online video sharing platform that makes it easy to find videos online. You can even create new videos and then share your own with others. YouTube, founded in August 2005, is one of the most popular websites on the Internet today. Every month, visitors watch about 6 billion videos.

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