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Suggestions On How To Fix Fps Stuck At 60 In Fortnite

In recent days, some readers have encountered the famous fps error code stuck at 60 fortnite. This problem can occur for several reasons. Let’s discuss this below. Go to the System section. On the Display tab, select the monitor you want to test. Scroll down and select Advanced display options. Check this refresh rate section – make sure it’s set to the best possible value.

fps stuck at 60 fortnite

Why Is My Fortnite Capped At 60fps?

A possible reason for resolving this issue could be graphics card driver issues on the latest Windows PC. Outdated/corrupted or incompatible graphics card drivers installed on the computer can only cause problems with graphics programs and gamers. If you want to run games like Fortnite on your Windows PC with high and improved performance, you need to make sure you have an updated and compatible version of the Welcome Graphic Driver installed on your Windows PC. If not, update or reinstall the welcome graphic driver on your Windows PC and if you check this box, you should be able to run fortnite games like fortnite without problems to limit it to 60fps.

< h2>Make sureyour system meets the requirements to run Fortnite

Please make sure your computer meets the system requirements to run Fortnite before proceeding with the following steps. If you don’t meet the requirements or don’t meet them at all, the following steps will most likely improve your Fortnite gaming experience. Learn more about the Fortnite requirements and how to check if you meet them in this article.

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Limit Background App Downloads

Fortnite FPS Drop issue may occur while running other apps or programs at the same time. So try limiting apps and downloads to the most important background before playing the game to see if this issue occurs again. Here’s how to do it:

fps stuck at 60 fortnite

FPS Issues Right After The Update

Fortnite FPS issues occur for a variety of reasons. Usually this Fortnite is affected by updates. With each update, developers add more and more models that do not benefit your configuration. The reason for the fps drops in this case is to make the game better. This was especially evident whenYes, Chapter 3 has begun in Fortnite.

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