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Troubleshooting Tips Find Out Which DNS Server You’re Using

In this guide, we will identify some possible causes that could cause you to know which dns server is being used, and then I will provide possible fixes with which you can try to resolve this issue. On Windows, you can access the command prompt by typing “Start Menu”, typing cmd and asking for “Enter”.Type: nslookup and press Enter.You will see results like these:The line starting with “Address” points to your DNS server.

DNS Priority

Well, before we get into that, it’s important to understand the DNS servers associated with priority. By default, we now use DNS servers provided only by our ISP. But what happens when you change the DNS server of your sewing machine or local router? Which DNS server has priority? Well, that’s easy.

Find Out Your Current DNS Servers

NOTE. While most people use the private DNS that comes with Android (first introduced in Model 9), there’s no need for any of the testers below. Android always uses private DNS servers, even when the VPN is running. Thanks Google.

Test Your DNS Configuration On Windows 11 Or 10

If you’ve configured custom DNS settings directly from Cloudflare, Google Public DNS, or Cisco OpenDNS from the start, you can quickly test whether traffic passes through your transformThe client you set up with some nslookup tool > let’s take an example from your online banking website. Technically, in order to fill out an application and upload a web domain, you need to enter the domain name or company name of the bank’s website ( in a web browser, the name should be replaced with its IP address. Once the IP address translation is complete, the files and resources of the website are usually packaged with the IP address of the rural server. As mentioned, the translation is done by DNS servers, but attackers can spoof an IP address to load a fake website if your DNS server is compromised.

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find out what dns server is being used

What Is DNS?

Let’s simplify things and try to fully understand what DNS is. Simply put, DNS is a database of various domain names and IP addresses. Whenever a user enters website names such as Google or, our DNS servers check the IP address that the domains are connected to.

Data Settings ‘address Windows DNS Servers

If you use Microsoft Windows yourself in your program, you can find or change your DNS server settings in the network settings control panel. In most cases, your computer will automatically use your ISP’s settings for many DNS servers, but you can manage them through the configuration menu.

So, How Does DNS Work Step By Step?

The whole DNS lookup process starts as soon as you use a domain name like or use an application that enforces the name. This can be money from web browsers, email, Active Directory, databases or P2P, multiplayer and games, etc. take the current visitor to a network site, you can use the tcpdump command. Tcpdump is a network packet sniffer that can be used to capture and filter TCP/IP packets circulating on a network. This is commonly used by Linux users to troubleshoot network issues.

find out what dns server is being used

Dowiedz Sie Jaki Serwer Dns Jest Uzywany
Ontdek Welke Dns Server Wordt Gebruikt
Scopri Quale Server Dns Viene Utilizzato
Ta Reda Pa Vilken Dns Server Som Anvands
Finden Sie Heraus Welcher Dns Server Verwendet Wird
Descobrir Qual Servidor Dns Esta Sendo Usado
Savoir Quel Serveur Dns Est Utilise
Averiguar Que Servidor Dns Se Esta Utilizando

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